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Using Technologies efficiently and cost effectively to resolve both Business and Human problems

Jeme Technologies understands that the world of business is not immune to constant change and that the result of the complex changes requires profound and adaptive solutions. Our clients, commercial market or a government body, tend to experience actual results when they work with us. We lead clients through quickened change that helps them fully maximize the power of technology to deliver better outcomes for their business.

Consequently, our first step while working with a client is to pinpoint the prominent issues and produce a plan that upgrades the health of the business. We strategically recommend technology to help improve your business, either short-term or long-term.

Along with our numerous solutions, we have developed an enterprise module that businesses can subscribe to. To further reduce cost and improve accountability for companies, our enterprise module ensures that assets are not wasted. Most importantly, the module helps improve Return on Investments (ROI) and constant productivity.

Talking info@jemetechnologies.com you though the right mix of technologies is foundational for us to ensure the continual performance of your business.

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"To the world of possibilities..."

We offer Solutions and Products which include:

  • WAN Connectivity Solutions
  • Network & Connectivity Solutions
  • Productivity Enhancement Solutions
  • School And Educational Management Solutions
  • Internal Generated Revenue Solutions for States
  • Integrated Access Control, CCTV, Privileged Access Solutions
  • Video Conference Solutions, Virtual and Augmented Reality Solutions
  • Portfolio
    • Jeme Technologies manages my Company's network and their services are always excellent. The experience is awesome!

      James Frank

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    Offices : 1 Cowbell Way, Isolo, Lagos.

    +234 8021212182